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What's going on under those wrinkles?

It's inevitable, but we'd all like to stave them off as much as possible. Wrinkling is caused by a variety of factors, but on a cellular level, visible aging happens because our skin doesn't regenerate as fast as before. As we all age, our skin goes through many changes as the cells begin to split at a slower rate, and the inner layer of skin, the dermis starts to decrease in size. The fat cells under the surface of the dermis begin to thin out as well. If that is not bad enough, the skin's ability to self-repair begins to decrease as we get older, which results in slower recovery rates and healing times. All of this results in fine lines, thinned skin, and wrinkles.

The internal skin structure within the dermal matrix begins to loosen and break down, thus weakening the outer surface layers. This is what we call loss in skin elasticity. When pressure is applied, the skin does not return to its normal position, instead, it starts to sag and form furrows.

As we start to experience gravity setting in, we start to see the formation of droopy eyelids and eyebrows begin to raise possibly from wrinkles forming on the forehead.

The oil secreting glands shrink, which normally give us that protective layer of fat on the surface. Additionally, our natural moisture which comes from this worsens and dries up.

Crow's feet, the lines on the edges of our eyes start to develop because the skin no longer reverts and frown lines between the eyebrows form in a more permanent state.

Wrinkles can also impact one's life and self-confidence. This is evident by the 12-15 billion spent in cosmetics every year by the US alone. Our society places a premium on looking young, especially in the workplace, although against the law, has h

ad a tremendous effort on people's lives and careers. The physical and emotional consequences of aging will always be of great importance to consumers and it explains the huge success of cosmetics and surgeons.

The upside is that despite this natural process, there are many things we can do to lessen the look of wrinkles, though not completely rid ourselves of them (surgery aside). Accepting them is part of life, but we're here to make it a little bit easier.

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