Exfoliating & Clarifying UltraMUD(TM)

Exfoliating & Clarifying UltraMUD(TM)

SKU: PI1018

Enhanced with salicylic, tea tree, glycolic, mandelic, and azelaic


Clinical strength treatment that combines the exfoliating and cleansing properties of both a mud mask and peel. This mask helps clear the way for a softer, brighter skin appearance. 

A formula of acids with different molecular sizes allows for penetration to various levels of the skin. Salicylic, mandelic, and glycolic acids are combined to unclog pores and build-up, target fine lines, and promote collagen production. The natural clays absorb oil and help provide a radiant and fresh appearance.


  • Promotes healthy pore environment
  • Improves texture and smoothness
  • Helps increase cell turnover for a rejuvenated look
  • Helps reduce oil and extract impurities


Free from Gluten, Parabens, Phthalate, SLS, no animal cruelty. Manufactured with good manufacturing practice.