Also known as micro or mini peels, these are our gentlest peels. Safe for daily use and for those with more sensitive skin types. Use daily to keep skin clear, bright and healthy.

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Also known as light or lunchtime peels, these are stronger than micro peels, but rarely cause redness or peeling. Great for sensitive skin, for those who are new to peeling, and for maintaining clear, glowing skin.

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Also known as superficial peels, these are twice as strong as Level 1 peels, and are perfect for non-sensitive skin, rough skin, and skin in need of correction more than maintenance. Visible peeling and redness is possible. Because they are stronger, effective peels, it is important to follow directions exactly, especially with the first peel.

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Also known as medium-depth peels, these should be used only after skin has tolerated Level 2 peels without irritation. Recovery may require downtime. Currently, Perfect Image provides Level 3 peels only to selected skin professionals. Ask us for a Skin Care Professional that are licensed to use them.

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